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Storytelling Boot Camp!

January 16- February 24, 2017


Do you want to write engaging essays and page-turning short stories? Are you working on a novel or typing away at your memoir? If you’d like to improve your storytelling skills and become a stronger more confident writer, then Storytelling Boot Camp is for you!

You’ll study Character, Point of View, Setting, Dialogue, Plot, and Theme while having fun and meeting new people.

Lisa Fugard and Windy Lynn Harris will guide you through six weeks of intensive storytelling work. You will write. And write. And write some more! Each week will include a focus topic, links to further resources, a homework assignment, and daily discussion on our lively private Facebook page

Each week is devoted to one of the six core storytelling elements, taught alternately by accomplished writing instructors Lisa Fugard and Windy Lynn Harris. Don’t worry if you’ve got a busy schedule. Weekly discussions are sent to you by email, and the course is set up so that you can work at your own pace.

What makes Storytelling Boot Camp so unique? The personal attention you receive. Each week you’ll create a 500 word piece that you’ll turn in as homework. All six of your assignments will receive personal feedback and editing notes. One of the fastest ways to grow as a writer is to learn what you’re doing well (and what needs improvement!). Let Lisa and Windy help you achieve your best writing ever.

This course is open to all writers —fiction and creative nonfiction writers alike— who want to improve their writing skills through practice, study, and professional feedback.

Six week session:  $375

Maximum 12 students

There will be a fun and interactive group conference call about mid-way during your Boot Camp session. More details on that at the beginning of class.

Email lisa at to register!

We can’t wait to work with you!

About the Instructors:

Lisa Fugard is the author of Skinner’s Drift and 21 Days to Awaken the Writer Within. Her creative work has been published in Story, Outside and other literary magazines, while her many travel articles, essays and book reviews have been published in the New York Times.

Windy Lynn Harris is the founder of Market Coaching for Creative Writers and the Publishing Tips editor at The Review Review. She’s had over 70 bylines in literary, women’s, and trade magazines across the US and Canada, including The Literary Review, 34th Parallel, and Crack the Spine Magazine. www.windylynnharriscom.


“Thank you, Lisa and Wendy for yet another inspirational step along my writing journey. You have both helped build my confidence and opened up imaginative pathways! “ Sheelagh M.

“It’s one thing to write all of your memories down in the solitude of your own little space, but to have someone read, and appreciate the words takes it to a whole other level.” Amy R.

Deep Revision

Sign up for two or four sessions and see how your work transforms as you take on a deep revision. This is what is needed to get a story or essay or longer work ready for submission. If the plot is lacking, we’ll use the work of Joseph Campbell and the archetypal Hero’s Journey to uncover surprising ways to energize your narrative.  You’ll learn how to tighten your prose and hone in on your language as you “put every word on trial for its life.”  Sounds intense, I know. It is, also thrilling as you see how your work will deepen when you apply the tools from Storytelling Boot Camp in a rigorous revision.

Email me at for more details and we can discuss # of pages and whether you want a written critique or a Skype session when we will go over your submission.  (I offer these options because some writers take in more information when we talk about a work as opposed to getting an emailed doc with comments. Plus, there’s a magic, an alchemy that kicks in when two writers talk about a work in progress!)