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Skinner's Drift

"A vivid sense of place and an effective dramatic arc distinguish this debut novel from the daughter of South African playwright Athol Fugard. After a 10-year absence—which saw the upheaval of her native country—28-year-old Eva van Rensburg returns to Johannesburg from the U.S. to tend to her estranged, dying Afrikaner father, Martin. Springboarding off Eva's discovery of her deceased mother Lorraine's diaries, Fugard seamlessly flashes back to explore Eva's childhood on Skinner's Drift, the farm where she grew up. The characters and landscape come sharply to life: Lorraine's dissatisfaction, Martin's struggles to keep the farm afloat, the increased tensions as soldiers arrive and barricades are erected along the border with Botswana. At the heart of the story is young Eva and her relations with the black farmworkers. As Martin's violent tendencies intensify and Lorraine becomes increasingly unstable, the family fractures and Eva bears the brunt of Martin's actions—culminating in two horrifying, violent acts. When the adult Eva finally returns to the farm, she must determine how to finally face her father's terrible secret. Playing out this family drama in the broader context of race and class, Fugard captivates with this searing personal portrayal of the legacy of apartheid." Publisher's Weekly


21 days to awaken the writer within

"This is a wise, generous, empowering book. Fugard offers anecdotes about her own writing process, followed by exercises and prompts that will get even the most block-bounded writer scrambling for the pen. If you follow her advice you will have the first draft of something by the time you finish reading. But it isn't just for aspiring novelists - even if you simply want to free yourself up to start a journal, this book will be your guide and mentor"