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Write it Right Now



Do you want to get words on the page this fall? Write chapters and stories that you’re proud of?


WRITE IT RIGHT NOW is an exclusive Facebook-only coaching session hosted by Windy Lynn Harris and Lisa Fugard. During this four or eight week experience, you’ll jump leaps ahead on your writing projects through goal-setting and community accountability.  

Two upcoming opportunities in 2018:

September 3rd to 28th - $120

October 1st to 26th - $120

(or choose BOTH sessions for a special bundle price of $200)

BONUS: All Write It Right Now participants are invited to the “Writing Sprint Word Challenge” this November at no cost!


WRITE IT RIGHT NOW is your opportunity to work on any writing project you’d like. Writing a memoir? Great! Revising a stack of essays? Perfect! Starting your novel? Wonderful!  Setting up a blog?  Excellent! We’ll help you make progress on any writing project during a WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session. You can reach your goals and have fun while you’re at it! 

Each week you’ll track your progress and share something from your current writing project. You’ll be inspired and supported by the community atmosphere provided at our private WRITE IT RIGHT NOW Facebook page. You’ll be among your peers here. Check in with your fellow writers. Ask questions. Get answers. Complain when it’s tough and high-five each other when the writing flows well. You don’t have to write alone. Join us instead!

Joining a WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session will also increase your knowledge about the craft of writing and the business of publishing. Each week features a topic that will boost your skills and your career. 

September 2018 topics:                                     

Week #1: To Outline or Not                             

Week #2: Theme in Storytelling                            

Week #3: Building Platform                                   

Week #4: How to Land a Literary Agent              

 October 2018 topics:

Week #1: Character Study

Week #2: Writing Strong Dialogue

Week #3: Flashbacks and Time in Story

Week # 4: Social Media for Writers

Don’t worry. There’s no homework involved in a WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session. You’ll be working on your own project—whatever that might be. Here’s the weekly schedule:

Monday:Goal Setting (declare your writing goal for the week)

Tuesday:Resource Day (industry insider resources on that week’s topic)

Wednesday:Share Your Best New Paragraph (from new writing or revisions)

Thursday:Office Hours (a lecture on that week’s topic)

Friday:Progress Report(let the group know how you did that week)

All WRITE IT RIGHT NOW participants WILL BE WRITING! We will help you fill blank pages and work through revisions. We will cheer you on as you take risks on the page and applaud your progress. Don’t forget: All Write It Right Now participants are invited to 

the “Writing Sprint Word Challenge” this November at no additional cost!

Join us for a month or two and create a new writing pace that you can carry with you through the rest of the year. To sign up for your WRITE IT RIGHT NOW session, send an email to Windy Lynn Harris ( and ask her to save you a spot. Please indicate with month you’d like to reserve, or if you’d like coaching for both months. All payments will be received through PayPal.