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Online Boot Camps for Writers

Several times a year, I teach online courses with my friend and author, Windy Lynn Harris. Windy has published numerous essays and short stories and is the author of  Writing & Selling Short Stories & Personal Essays: The Essential Guide to Getting Your Work Published. We are both passionate about the craft of writing and created these boot camps as a way of  mentoring writers on their way to publication. These classes sell out. Register early! If you have any questions about the classes, please email me at



Testimonials for Essay Boot Camp

"This class was truly amazing and just what I needed to help structure my writing more effectively. The detailed feedback from both Lisa and Windy was so valuable and useful when revising my work. They both are very knowledgeable and it's obvious they love teaching writing. I highly recommend this course as it's just what you need to bring your writing and your confidence to the next level." Gibby B.

"Windy and Lisa, I, too, get lots of "writers advice" coming across the waves. Some of it is helpful. But what each of you presents is somehow more clear, more relevant and more creative. I believe it's because it comes from your hearts and that both of you have an unparalleled passion for the art and craft of the written word. Oh yes, and you teach and support at a profound level." Kixx G.

"What a special class with wonderful instructors and class participants. A productive learning experience for me. I so appreciated learning from the other students as I read how they attacked the lesson of the day. Windy and Lisa are awesome, and I can't wait to take another class from them. Thank you so much for the time you took to be available to us." Phyllis S.

"The Writing Bootcamp is a great place to train as a writer. Lisa and Windy are very knowledgeable and thoughtful trainers as they take you week-by-week through the fundamentals of story telling.  Though at times it can be intense and demanding, the supportive atmosphere of fellow writers makes it a challenge worth embracing. Along with weekly lessons and daily assignments, the course offers useful links to articles on the craft of writing as well as the opportunity to chat with your fellow writers.  After finishing the six week course, I felt much more grounded and aware of the tools available as a storyteller, which is good because I had a whole slew of new ideas for stories."   Tim M.

Essay Boot Camp

COST: $395

Next Session: April 8- May 3

Personal essays have a narrative arc, compelling characters, and mini-plot lines that push the reader toward a conclusion or a realization. There is a situation and a story. A personal essay isn’t simply an anecdote, but an in-depth exploration of a subject.

This course covers Essay StructureReflective VoiceScene Writing for EssaysRevision StrategiesHow to Sell Personal Essays, and Close Editing.

Short Story Boot Camp

COST: $295

Next Session: TBD

Many of the same craft techniques used to write novels are used to write short stories, but short stories stand apart as a separate form of prose, one that is delivered with concise language. It’s the use of compression and microscopic storytelling that make short stories unique.

There are five key elements in every solid short story: Character, SettingPlot, Conflict,and Theme. Learn how to braid these elements together for maximum impact in a small amount of space.


This class is in development. Details soon!




 Please click here to learn about the classes I teach in Encinitas. The next 6 week session is scheduled for April 2019.  

On March 23 I am bringing back my popular Your Truth in Fiction day long workshop. Details here